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Mission & Vision
The Mission & Vision of the Society, for which the same is established, shall be as under :

  1. To work for the educational upliftment of the students with the help of other educational organizations working for the same cause and making Hostels for them.
  2. To spread awareness against social evils like illiteracy, population control, HIV/AIDS, gender injustice, child labour, corruption, drug addiction, Terrorism, natural disasters, environmental conditions, and contemporary issues, etc.
  4. To work for the safety, security, and educational support to girl child.
  5. To organize social functions, seminars, lectures, workshops, personality development camp, national integration camps at national and international level for cultural exchange and for the protection of the cultural heritage and human value in various types of schools, colleges and educational institutes.
  6. Advisory Support (educational, social, professional) for all needy people.
  7. To work for people living below poverty line and for rural development.
  8. To work for the development of youth and reconstruction of nation.
  9. To work for Human Rights, global peace, universal brotherhood, and national integration.
  10. To uplift the weaker and elderly section of Society.
  11. To carry out all activities on welfare basis without any discrimination on the basis of caste, creed or color.
  12. To promote and review cultural preservation, science, literature and their heritage along with the various classical and folk dances, dramas, music, arts, crafts and xylographic works.
  13. To encourage the exchange of ideas and techniques between different societies.
  14. To assist the needy students, scholars, artisans, craftsmen, and the industrial trained students in order to maintain highest traditions of workmanship and skills to rehabilitate them as self supporting individuals/ institutes.
  15. To organize and participate in course of study, research and seminars (training and motivation) for the youth and working young generation.
  16. To provide education facilities to poor child, uplift status etc.
  17. To Improving status of backward cast.
  18. To carry out religious work, promotion of various causes such as Conservation of River Ganga, pollution control, and encouraging Yoga amongst people.

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Sheel Foundation
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Uttarakhand (INDIA)

Mobile : +91 - 9837592424 / 9897370320
E-mail : sheelvs@rediffmail.com
E-mail : sheelvs@gmail.com
Website : www.sheelfoundation.com